Land Rover Discovery 2 engine mounts and Land Rover Discovery 2 center console shift plate

blacklisted engineering offers an industry unmatched guarantee on all the products we sell


that's right, we guarantee the craftsmanship for life. if (and that's a very big if) our product ever ceases to live up to your expectations, simply return it for a replacement. what's the catch? well, yes, we have a few...

- "lifetime" means our lifetime. we can't replace products after we die. "lifetime" does not apply to anodizing finish.

- we do not guarantee our products if used outside of their application ie: if you cut the product in half to make it fit on a different vehicle, racing...we can't cover that. or if you try to use it on the sun and it melts, well, you get the point

- please contact us before returning your item as we have various options depending on specific product - some items we simply send a replacement, others we require the broken item so we can find out where we went wrong and fix it, no trickery, we just want to make it right for others as well. we also may cover the return shipping